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Social Cohesion Calibration | How To Write 'Normally' & Generate Cut Through

April 04, 2023 JMarketing Agency
Business Life Hacks
Social Cohesion Calibration | How To Write 'Normally' & Generate Cut Through
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 Joshua Strawczynski (00:02)
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Joshua Strawczynski (00:27)
Do you want to reach out to a cold audience? Someone that you've acquired their email or their WhatsApp? You want to get in touch with them, but you don't have a preexisting relationship? Let's talk about social calibration. This is something that is not talked about in marketing nearly enough. And in fact, I don't think it's all that well studied in social sciences anymore either. You see, what it is, is how do you overcome the fear that comes along with reaching out to someone you don't know? Imagine if you walked up to them on the street and you kind of rudely said, hey, hey you. What are the odds of them stopping and engaging in a conversation with you? Take that very same person on the very same street. And what if you went up and said, excuse me, I'm not trying to hassle you, but it doesn't matter what comes next? Which one of those two is more likely to elicit a response and a kind response? You'll never have 100% success rate, but which would have a higher one? The same thing happens when we talk about social credibility. What we're trying to do is leverage the credibility that we do have.

Joshua Strawczynski (01:46)
However, we've come to obtain this list or number in order to put the other person at ease. And today I'm going to use the example of Tuscany from women who golf, who has been given the numbers of a number of female captains of golf courses. We're here in Dubai at the moment. She wants to reach out to them and invite them to an event she's running on Thursday, but she doesn't have a preexisting relationship with them. Now, before I get into telling you how we do it, one book I can strongly recommend is Words That Work. It's not what you say, it's what people hear. That is very, very wise words. And what people hear is going to be defined by their past experiences. Most people to go back to that street corner we were talking about, have been taught that if someone is quite abrupt with you, it's probably not a good thing. They're probably a bit crazy. We want to get out of there. And if someone disarms us, then they're probably okay. They've called out that there's nothing to be worried about. Your adrenal system doesn't need to kick in. You can chill.

Joshua Strawczynski (02:56)
Well, the same thing works with email and messages. When we talk about Tuscany, she could reach out to these people and say, hey guys, come to my event. But she'd be missing a really key part that